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Bookkeeping Services 

Some self employed people and company directors are happy to keep their own accounting records and prepare and submit their own VAT returns. In these cases we will prepare accounts at the end of the year from these records. However, some people find that they simply don't have the time for bookkeeping once they are running their own business, or simply decide this is not how they want to spend any spare time they might have. For these people we offer a full bookkeeping and VAT return service. This includes:

  • recording of all income and expenditure for the business, either on QuickBooks software, or on Excel spreadsheets (whichever is most appropriate for the business)
  • reconciling the business bank accounts to ensure all transactions have been recorded correctly.
  • preparing the quarterly VAT returns and submitting them under the new Making Tax Digital system.
If these services are of interest to you, please contact us.